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Information Graphics: Space

Information Graphics: Space - Simon Rogers, Jennifer Daniel Looking for a clever, easy to understand book to teach kids about space and the universe they live in? Look no further! SPACE, part of the ""Information Graphics: Understand the facts in the blink of an eye"" series, is the latest and greatest non-fiction book.

Loaded with information, the latest in the Information Graphics series from Big Picture Press will blow you away. Everything you ever wanted to know about objects in space, how the universe works, the solar system, space exploration and observation, and more is right here in an easy-to understand and fun, colorful format.

While it would benefit from a glossary and index, the convenient tabbed format still makes it easy to find the information you're looking for. The writing style is clear and concise, with just enough detail to get the point across and lead you searching for more information in the rest of the book. The book has been very well researched, and is up-to-date with planetary definitions and space exploration missions.

The design is spectacularly fun and innovative. There is so much color, and it actually aids in the organization of information on the pages. Each tabbed section, The Universe, The Sun, The Earth and the Moon, Observing Space, etc, is assigned its own color. Within each section the pages stick to that color scheme, but feature a rainbow of other colors to help illustrate points and make learning more interesting.

Innovative and fun, the latest Information Graphics title from Big Picture Press is bound to lead young readers into their own personal, creative exploration of SPACE.