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Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

Itty Bitty Kitty Committee - Laurie Cinotto Part guide for new kitten parents; part memoir of a kitten wrangler

This fun and quirky cat book is part 'guide to new kitten parents' and part 'memoir of a kitten wranger'. It is based on the blog of the same name, run by the author.

Middle grade readers and adults will enjoy the charming stories of Laurie Cinotto's many foster litters of kittens. From the Davenports to the Frosts, Charlene Butterbean and Maddie Bouvier, these kittens have personalities and identities of their own; Laurie is a master at capturing each kitten's essence and sharing it with the reader through photographs and text.

Interspersed with narratives about the lives of the foster kitten families are informational pages about getting a new kitten, bringing it home, caring for it, playing with it, kitten anatomy, feeding a kitten, and more. There are also entertaining portions featuring cat comics, letters to Butterbean, hilarious photos, and my favorite - practical step-by-step instructions to creating your own kitten toys!

This book was simply adorable. It was also very informational, had a lot of great tips for new kitten owners and patterns for making your own toys. It is a great resource for parents getting a kitten for their older child - not only is this a really fun book to read, it has things to learn about cats, and it's something you can go back to when you need help with a kitten later on. Highly recommended for all ages of cat-lovers and pet-owners!