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One Crow Alone

One Crow Alone - S.D. Crockett One Crow Alone is an incredible story about a girl who must overcome the impossible. Magda’s narration is so different from the typical YA post-apocalyptic story. She is facing certain death every day of her life, all by herself, but she is so strong. Magda is practical and focused. She does what she must to survive, to keep living, despite the threat of freezing to death, of never finding her mother, or losing her grandmother. I have so much respect for Magda, and her strength in the face of insurmountable challenges kept me turning the pages until the very end.
I would highly recommend One Crow Alone to fans of The Book Thief, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, and Not a Drop to Drink. It would also make a great book for a class assignment, or for those looking for something a little different than the typical YA dystopia.