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Artificial Ingredients

Artificial Ingredients - Lauri S. Friedman The book is attractive in that it looks like an adult book inside. The cover is terrible, but otherwise it looks like a nice book that teens might want to pick up. If you ignore the cover. The introduction is great in that it has a lot of information described in an easy to understand manner, but it isn’t obviously clear that this is the best place to understand exactly what artificial ingredients are and why they are important, which could be misleading for some students. In the same vein, the introductory paragraphs for each viewpoint are easy to understand and concise, but give everything right away so that students won’t actually have to reach the chapters. The titles of the viewpoint chapters are clear and descriptive, so teens know exactly where to look to get what they need for their assignments. It is also very helpful that all of the charts and diagrams have sources right underneath them.This book would be great for teens needing specific resources for a project or persuasive paper. However, they would not really get much out of it other than a few bits of information - it’s easy to skim through and pick out what you need, which makes it useful for projects done by both high school and introductory college level students, but not a particularly good teaching or classroom tool.