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A Touch Menacing

A Touch Menacing - Leah Clifford ""A Touch Menacing"" is the final volume in the ""Touch"" trilogy by Leah Clifford. Fans of the series will be pleased with the return of their favorite not-so-perfect angels, Gabriel and Az, as well as the powerful Siders Madeline, Eden, and Kristin. Eden is facing a build-up of Touch power that threatens to destroy her unless she first releases the power by killing other Siders - which sends them on to torment those in Heaven and Hell by spreading the Touch above and below the Earth. Meanwhile the Bound and Fallen angels battle for control of the Siders, Az tries to reunite with Eden, and Gabriel tries to remain true to all of his friends and loved ones while balancing a promise that cannot be broken.

Overall the Touch trilogy is a paranormal romance series of fair quality. The characters are emotional and intense, which makes them relatable to teens. However, they are still really flat and undeveloped. The angels and demons paradigm is not new, and that also makes the plot somewhat uninteresting. The plot also twists and turns through the points of view of many different characters, which can be confusing to teen readers. Recommended for fans of the series and teen girls looking for a new paranormal romance to get hooked on.