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Fury's Fire

Fury's Fire - Lisa Papademetriou Although I hadn't read the first book in the series because I was reading this one specifically to review it and didn't have time, I opened it up fully expecting to have to deal with not knowing the characters, the places, and not understanding the exposition. That didn't really happen. It was really easy to pick up on what had happened in the last book from the protagonists' musings and from there understand what they were feeling about it. However, I was incredibly bored with the dialogue, the slow plot pace, and I found the characterization pretty terrible.

I would recommend this book for middle grade readers looking for an introduction into Young Adult fiction and who are interested in the paranormal and mythology. The text is very large and widely spaced, the plot moves slow enough for them to follow, and the romance between the protagonists is mild but totally relateable for middle school-aged students. I would not recommend it to an older reader.