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Subway Love

Subway Love - Nora Raleigh Baskin This is the story of Laura and Jonas, a couple separated by time who develop an unlikely relationship when they meet in a graffiti-marked subway car. Laura struggles with an abusive step-dad, while Jonas and his little sister are still recovering from their parents' divorce.

What I loved: Comparing and contrasting the differences between Jonas and Laura. They are from completely different decades, different lifestyles and families. Yet they have so much in common - they are out of place in their own worlds for all the same reasons. The love-at-first-sight element was tampered by the effort Jonas and Laura put in to getting to know and understand each other.

What left me wanting more: Max's story. This lone-ranger of a graffiti artist (insisting that he's a ""writer"", which is amazing and authentic) really holds up so much of the story. I was thrilled to get some of his back story, I just wish it had come sooner. It was over halfway through the book before Max's story was truly revealed, and while the reader got some of his point of view before that point, they were very short and unsatisfying sections. I wish there had been more from Max. I know he wasn't one of the protagonists, but he is really crucial to the resolution of the entire story!

What confused me: During some of Jonas's POV sections he flashbacks to before his parents were divorced. There was no indication that these sections were flashbacks. I kept getting confused about whether I was reading from present or past Jonas's point of view, and I think this would be a definite deterrent to other readers attempting to enjoy the story. Any sort of delineating mark or diacritic to show when the flashback sections were happening would have made the book a much more enjoyable read.

Verdict: SUBWAY LOVE is a touching romance that will appeal to both adults and teens.