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Welcome Home, Bear: A Book of Animal Habitats

Welcome Home, Bear: A Book of Animal Habitats - Il Sung Na Bear isn't feeling quite so happy in his forest home anymore, so he decides to wander off to visit some friends around the world. Will Bear feel just as home out there? Read WELCOME HOME, BEAR, to find out what happens on his adventures!

Young readers will learn all about where a variety of Bear's friends live, including Mole, Goat, Polar Bear, and Camel. It's obvious just how different the environment is where each animal lives, and readers will take away an appreciation for these differences and how every animal, both bears and humans, needs certain things to feel at home. There are plenty of opportunities for discussion and questions, and even activities and crafts based on the book. Teachers and librarians will find this book an especially great storytime choice

The illustrations are vibrant and rich in color and detail. Digital painting techniques create a natural look with fun colors that really pop off the page. With a consistent font tying down the narrative, the author takes the liberty of moving the text around the page as it suits the bear's activities, which is a fun addition to the illustrations.

Highly recommended for young animal lovers as well as teachers and librarians, WELCOME HOME, BEAR is another fantastic book from the author of A BOOK OF SLEEP and A BOOK OF BABIES.