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Shark Detective!

Shark Detective! - Jessica Olien Shark loves watching detective shows and eating potato chips. One day Shark sees a flier for a missing cat and he decides to become Shark Detective! He spends all day searching for the missing cat, but no one he talks to will help. What is a Shark Detective to do? Find out by reading the heartwarming and hilarious ""Shark Detective"" by Jessica Olien!

The illustrations are bold and bright, taking up entire 2 page spreads that readers won't be able to look away from. The dialogue is short and to the point, and the text is bold and in-your-face, perfect for the illustration style. Everything about this book, from the pictures to the colors and the font, scream ""fun!""

This book is fantastic! It will leave readers of all ages laughing and begging for more adventures with Shark and his detective hat. Highly recommended for shark fans, kids who want to be detectives, and teachers/librarians looking for the best read-aloud picture book of the season.