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Embedded (Tor Maddox #2)

Embedded (Tor Maddox #2) - Liz Coley The unstoppable Tor Maddox is at it again, this time on a covert spy mission set right in her own high school. Of course, Tor can't keep her enthusiasm in check, so she takes the mission into her own hands in order to track down the secrets behind the assault of her best friend, Sasha and the disappearance of immigrants from nearby Mexico.

The danger is real and suspenseful throughout the entire book - Tor gets herself into trouble and the action will keep you turning the pages faster than you thought possible. The dialogue is very well-written and witty, and Tor's inner monologues create a hilarious contrast to the dramatic tension of the overall mystery. Characters we fell in love with in the first Tor Maddox book, Unleashed, are back and just as delightful as before.

Highly recommended for fans of political thrillers, contemporary mysteries, or those just looking for a good, clean, fun read.