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Oblivion - Sasha Dawn In the style of popular TV programs like CSI and Dexter, Sasha Dawn has weaved a web of intrigue, suspense, and insanity in this debut novel. The main character, Callie, suffers from a diagnosed compulsion to write - graphomania - that is a coping mechanism for her traumatic past. Callie's father, a respected pastor, has disappeared along with a young girl from the church community. Callie thinks she was there the night they disappeared, and that her memories are blocked, but somehow reveal themselves in her writing. Callie must navigate the mysteries of her memories, along with a budding relationship with a classmate and a complicated and mature relationship with a boy from her time in juvie. Callie has big problem, adult problems, and that means this book isn't for young readers or the faint of heart. There is child abuse, murder, sexual abuse, trauma and kidnapping - all the kinds of things you would see in a TV crime thriller. OBLIVION is recommended for fans of those kinds of TV shows, or for teens looking for a mature thriller novel.

Grades: 10-12
Characterization: Great
Literary Merit: High
Recommended: Highly recommended for public libraries, optional purchase for school libraries