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Stitching Snow

Stitching Snow - R.C. Lewis This sci-fi adventure follows in the tradition of Marissa Meyer's CINDER, but has its own unique elements and characters that let it stand completely apart from the Lunar Chronicles series. STITCHING SNOW can definitely sell itself without the fairy tale aspect at all - it is a well-written science fiction adventure featuring a strong and quirky protagonist, a complex male counterpart, and a lot of political intrigue, fighting, and cool technology. The main character, Essie, is different from most heroines. She's a fighter - literally. Essie participates in weekly cage fights to make money. She's a programmer, a mechanic, and is more acquainted with the inside of a drone robot than her own emotions. I loved watching her grow and change, discovering things about her past, and seeing her be such an amazing kick-ass heroine. STITCHING SNOW is highly recommended for fans of The Lunar Chronicles and other fairy tale retellings, or those looking for a solar-system-sweeping sci-fi adventure.

Grades: 8-12
Characterization: Great
Literary merit: Great
Recommended: Highly recommended for purchase