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Now That You're Here

Now That You're Here - Amy K. Nichols Told in dual perspectives, NOW THAT YOU'RE HERE is the first book in a duology called ""Duplexity"" - in which one of the protagonists is transported from one parallel world into another.

The story gets going right away, with fast-paced action and excitement from Danny's point of view. Danny is a very likable character, and I really looked forward to his chapters. The alternate Danny is shocked by how his counterpart lives - in a squalid foster home where fear and violence rule. Danny's narration was by far my favorite part of this book.

Eevee is the other half of the Duplexity dichotomy. A typical teenage girl who hasn't had a lot of excitement in her life, Eevee handles the mystery of the new Danny's appearance very well. She's curious, loves science, and has a lot of bravery. Eevee's best friend, Warren, is a far more fascinating character. I enjoyed his parts so much, and I hope he has a great counterpart in the second book.

Teens looking for a new and interesting outlook on paranormal romance will love the first book in the Duplexity series. The contrasting points of view and hints of Danny's alternate reality will keep readers turning the pages.

Grades: 9-12
Characterization: Great
Literary Merit: Good
Recommended: Yes, school & public libraries.