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Clara and Davie

Clara and Davie - Patricia Polacco The true story of a young Clara Barton is an inspirational look at the childhood of an American legend.

CLARA AND DAVIE tells the story of Clara's childhood struggles with a speech impediment, bullying, and family illness. It is a heart-warming look at how the lonely girl became a strong healer and force to be reckoned with in American medicine.

The illustrations, done by the well-know author-illustrator Patricia Polacco, are warm and colorful renditions of scenes from Clara's life. Frankly, the style may be a little too grown-up for a picture book audience, but the nature of a picture book itself isn't great for older readers.

The story itself is wordy and quite long, which will make it difficult for its intended audience of ages 3-5. The book would be better suited to reading aloud to 2nd and 3rd grade students during a unit on American History - because of it being a picture book, it wouldn't really be appealing for students to read on their own. CLARA AND DAVIE would be a good classroom or storytime book when paired with a short film or non-fiction selection.

While a good story with a great true history behind it, as a historical picture book CLARA AND DAVIE is ill-suited for its intended audience.