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Living with Anxiety Disorders

Living with Anxiety Disorders - Carol Hand This is one of the best books about mental disorders that I've ever seen. Carol Hand really know show to present information in a way that is easy to understand, easy to find, and with a lot of detail. The content isn't overwhelming or too detailed - it has a ""just right"" balance of photographs, text, research, and anecdotes to illustrate points. The book introduces anxiety, describes the difference between normal anxiety and anxiety disorders, and then discusses the causes. It then goes on to discuss consequences, treatment, and why treatment is important. Throughout the book there are sections that encourage the reader to answer questions about their state of mind and their life, which are really great tools to help them discover if they should be seeking help from an outside source. At the end there are great resources for readers to explore if they want more information, need help getting a diagnosis or treatment, and there is even a glossary, index, and cited source material. Overall this is a great non-fiction resource that would be incredibly helpful for teens wanting to know more about anxiety disorders, and mental health treatment.