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War in Hemingway's a Farewell to Arms

War in Hemingway's a Farewell to Arms - Gale This is a great resource for students needing to delve deeper into the life of Ernest Hemingway and conduct an in-depth analysis of one of his works, ""Farewell to Arms."" While the majority of the content holds little value for those not focusing on that particular work, the introductory content about Hemingway's life and outlook on war could be helpful to some students. The timeline of the author's life, as well as the Further Reading and Bibliography sections could also prove useful.

The majority of the content provides a variety of viewpoints interpreting Hemingway's ""A Farewell to Arms."" A student hoping to take away a single, clear-cut interpretation of the book will be severely disappointed. While the purpose of Social Issues in Literature series itself is to provide a variety of views on possible interpretations of a particular work of literature, providing this context to students up front is necessary. It isn't made quite clear enough in the book's organization or introduction, and so educators will have to fill that gap.

Regardless, every chapter written by authoritative authors provides complex and in depth analyses of the text in relation to social issues such as war, the military, nationalism, and family. In the context of an AP English or History class, or a specialized writing/research project, this particular book could prove invaluable to a high school student. Recommended for English and History teachers, and public librarians with a particular demand for commentary on Hemingway's works.