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Unforgotten - Jessica Brody It is 1609, and Violet/Sera is struggling to stay hidden from the evil corporation Diotech. She must travel through space and time to evade them, with help from some unexpected characters who return from the first book. ""Unforgotten"" is a great follow-up to the first book in Jessica Brody's epic series.

Sera's character development really drives the plot. She has forgotten almost everything about herself, her past, and the world. The reader must discover all of these things as Sera does, and it's an eye-opening experience. Her relationships change, her view on the world and everyone in it changes, and even Sera's view of herself changes throughout the book.

The pacing is exquisite. It's a page-turner, without having too much action or intensity. There is just the right amount of drama, action, suspense, and tension. Jessica Brody is a great storyteller, and her sci-fi series really reflects that!

Highly recommended for all libraries. If you have fans of the ""Divergent"" series, or sci-fi like ""Under the Never Sky"" then you absolutely have to have the ""Unremembered"" trilogy!