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Promise Bound

Promise Bound  - Anne Greenwood Brown Riveting and heart-achy, PROMISE BOUND will leave you breathless.

Immediately we are treated with a return to Calder's point of view. Let's be honest here: I seriously missed this guy in the second book. Alternating the chapters between Calder and Lily was absolutely necessary for this story, and it was very well done.

Everything about this book is well done. The language is sometimes tantalizingly descriptive, sometimes common and filled with local slang, and at other times poetic. The perspectives of the alternating protagonists differ in just the right ways; it's easy to follow the well-crafted plot. The pacing is perfect - slow when the characters are pensive and undecided, fast when the action picks up and their blood is boiling.

I got so attached to the characters in PROMISE BOUND - all of them. Even the scheming and sometimes cruel mermaids, Maris and Parvati, pulled at my heart and drew sympathy from me. I was torn between their conflicting desires, wanting them both to succeed while still knowing it wasn't possible.

In the end, when everything seemed to be happening at once and I was literally yelling, pleading, gasping as I turned the pages, each character's plot line was neatly tied up into a lovely package.

The resolution of the LIES BENEATH series is a perfect page-turner and will leave readers happy.