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Fugitive X

Fugitive X - Gregg Rosenblum The fight for freedom continues.

In the exciting sequel to REVOLUTION 19, Nick, Cass, and their little brother Kevin are separated by warring forces in a dystopian world controled by robots. Nick ends up with a group of hostile rebels. Cass is captured and reeducated by the bots. Kevin is indoctrinated into a hidden encampment in the forest known as The Island, where he discovers secrets about the origin of the bots, and about his family.

The alternating perspectives between Nick, Cass, Kevin, and the freaking Robot Leader (!!!) is my favorite part of this book. Switching perspectives every single chapter is a very grown-up sci-fi thing to do, and Gregg Rosenblum manages to not only pull it off, but do it so well that it isn't confusing, jarring, or difficult to follow at all.

The characters are well-developed and more than different enough from each other to keep it interesting. Nick is a tough guy with a soft spot for his siblings. Cass is practical girl dragged into the robots' world against her will. Kevin is clever, funny, and so very feisty. The robot leader is just so strange. The supporting characters, some new, some returning faces from REVOLUTION 19, are very cool as well. The dynamic relationships between the characters is a little different from R19 - Rosenblum takes a step back from the techy side of things and focuses on conflict between sides in the war, tension between friend and foe. I absolutely loved that about this book.

The action in FX is dramatic, fast-paced, and pretty violent without being too gory or intense. It's also somewhat unpredictable, which I appreciated. You never know who is going to get kidnapped by bots, or when something is going to explode. At any moment someone could get lased or somehow take out a bot all on their own. Rebels could show up to save you or bad guys could knock you out and drag you away.

There is a particularly interesting twist at the end of the book that I totally didn't see coming! I kept turning the pages, knowing that the end of the book was near but not having any idea how it was going to wrap up, and then WHAM! Intense plot twist in your face! To find out what happens you'll have to read R19 and its sequel, FUGITIVE X.