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Egyptian Mythology

Egyptian Mythology - Greenhaven, Jennifer Guess McKerley This addition to the “Mythology and Culture Worldwide” series from Gale CENGAGE Learning is an interesting and informative read for high school students interested in Egyptian mythology, doing a research project or just looking for a good nonfiction read.

The book itself is attractive and looks like something teens would want to pick up. The size and shape of the book makes it look at first glance like a children’s nonfiction, but the color scheme and small font sizes dispel that idea upon closer inspection.

It has a very good introductory section, and there are interest-drawing headings and photographs throughout. Although the text itself is a little advanced at times for new high schoolers, it does a great job of relating difficult concepts to familiar topics and experiences, and providing more resources to assist in understanding the content. I like that the Egyptian names and words have pronunciation guides, as well as sources, explanations of unfamiliar concepts, and definitions in footnote style.

The additional information is extensive and easy to look through, and also well-organized. There is a glossary, extensive notes, places to look for more information, websites, references, sources for information and photos, and a nice index.