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Meridian - Josin L. McQuein Fans of dystopian and science fiction series will love ARCLIGHT and its sequel, MERIDIAN. With a unique premise, lots of plot twists, and unpredictable characters, the ARCLIGHT series is a strange new world that readers will love to discover.

Marina and the rest of the Arclight settlement are struggling to cope with the aftermath of not just a physical attack on their home, but a psychological blow as well. Everything they thought they knew about the Fade has changed, and the secrets and lies never stop coming. Marina and her friends learn shocking things about their respective family's past and the history of the Arclight. On top of that, Rue and the other Fade reveal a new and dangerous threat from the Dark, one that the Arclight has seen hints of only in their nightmares. The secret of this new threat, and the intensity of the danger, will surprise readers up until the very end.

I loved getting to see more interaction between Marina, Tobin, Annie and the Fade. New Fade are introduced, developed, and become an integral part of the story. We also get to see half of the story from Tobin's point of view, which provides a different perspective on the entire history of the Arclight, as well as the Fade, and the action that takes place throughout the book. Flipping the world on its head and taking the reader from one unique perspective to another is definitely one of McQuein's strongest writing skills.

Overall MERIDIAN was a strong follow-up to ARCLIGHT, continuing the unique sci-fi story and adding many interesting new elements that readers will enjoy.

Literary Merit: Good
Characterization: Good
Recommended: Highly
Level: Ages 12 and up; high school