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The Shadow Mask: The Sequel to Sound Bender

The Shadow Mask: The Sequel to Sound Bender - Lin Oliver The sequel to ""Sound Bender"" is an even better supernatural adventure story with the funny and almost-normal Lomax brothers from New York. Leo has mysteriously lost his sound bending superpowers, but is on the verge of gaining a new, and possibly dangerous, power instead. Just when he thinks his life is going back to normal and he'll be able to keep his friends at his old school, Leo must sign a contract to help Uncle Crane get back half of an ancient shadow mask. Leo and his brother travel with his creepy and hateful uncle to Borneo, where his father did research with the natives. If he can help Crane find -and then steal- the other half of the mask then Leo can go back to his old school, his old life, and maybe find out why his parents died.

""The Shadow Mask"" is a whirlwind adventure story perfect for middle grade readers or early high school students. It is a fun and well-written story with well-rounded characters, a fast-moving plot, unique paranormal powers, and plenty of mysteries to keep you turning the pages.