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The Bar Code Prophecy

The Bar Code Prophecy - Suzanne Weyn The story follows Grace, a girl turning 17 in 2 weeks, excited to become an adult with a barcode tattoo: a mark that encodes all of your pertinent personal information in it. Some people fear that people are being taken advantage of or spied on through the tattoo�s nanobots, but everyone is supposed to trust the government. Once Grace gets her tattoo her life gets turned upside down and she suddenly becomes a fugitive, a rebel, and a revolutionary in this dystopian future.

The story is very bland and poorly written. It is a quick read for fans of the author's other books, and possibly an appealing book for a reluctant reader. It moves quickly, but focuses on the wrong details so that the plot seems to jerk forward in unnatural increments. It is trying to be like every other Dystopian book for young adults with a �normal� yet cool will-save-the-world-and-get-the-boyfriend female protagonist.