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Oblivion - Anthony Horowitz ""The Gatekeepers"" is a mythological adventure tale, written in the style of ""Harry Potter"" and the ""Ranger's Apprentice."" ""Oblivion"" really delivers as book 5 in the series. Suspense, horror, fighting, puzzles, and swashbuckling adventures are told from the point of view of Holly, a practical girl with a no-nonsense attitude and a healthy heaping of heart and bravery. Set 10 years in the future from the previous installment, ""Oblivion"" tells Holly's story. She must journey and fight for the Gatekeepers' goal of stopping the real, actual end of the world.

Fans of the series will be please by the next installment, though the dry writing style of most of the exposition and description, as well as the 590 total pages in this book may deter reluctant readers or those who don't want to take the time for it. Those who do will be rewarded with a grand tale of The Gatekeepers' future struggle to stop the destruction of the world.