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Eternity's Wheel (InterWorld Trilogy)

Eternity's Wheel (InterWorld Trilogy) - Michael Reaves, Mallory Reaves, Neil Gaiman Joey Harker, interdimensional adventurer and regular good guy, returns in the final book in the Interworld series. Started by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves in 2007, the series was originally imagined as a screenplay or television series, and that concept is reflected in the story. The entire series reads like a movie; it's very visual and will appeal to fans of science fiction and action movies.

ETERNITY'S WHEEL chronicles Joey Harker's attempts to save not only his world, but every world, the entire Multiverse, from a destructive storm called FrostNight. He must rebuild his home ship-city, called InterWorld, recruit new team members, and save old familiar faces in order to have enough allies to stop the evil HEX and binary baddies, who are now working together to basically reset the universe. While all of these ideas were introduced and fleshed out in the first book, there wasn't anything new in the final book in the series.

Honestly, I wanted more complex writing, but that could have taken away from the ""reads like a tv show"" appeal. The shallow, easy to follow, and repetitive writing make Interworld a perfect series for middle grade readers, or even younger readers looking for something a little more advanced and without mature content. Fans of the first 2 books will find a lot to enjoy, but ETERNITY'S WHEEL isn't for the casual reader.

The verdict: Mind-bending sci-fi adventure that you won't be able to put down.