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Space Exploration: Panorama Pops

Space Exploration: Panorama Pops - John Holcroft A pocket-sized pop-up book designed to capture a young reader's imagination, Space Exploration is one in a series of ""Panorama Pops"" non-fiction published by the always-innovative Candlewick Press.

Museum exhibit-style 2-page panels with pop-up features explain the history of space exploration through time. Starting with Sputnik 1 and ending with the International Space Station, all major achievements in space flight and exploration are covered. The text is interesting and easy to follow for young readers, and clear enough to read aloud. The pop-up space shuttles, satellites, and astronauts are cute and fun, and definitely durable enough to withstand many readings. The book also includes a timeline and a little glossary of ""space words.""

Highly recommended for young readers and scientists, as a school book fair feature, and as a gift for older readers who would enjoy a novelty book.