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Evil Librarian

Evil Librarian - Michelle Knudsen There is a new librarian at Cynthia's school, and there is something very strange about him.
The librarian is a demon.
When Cyn discovers the truth about the new librarian, and that he is planning to brainwash her best friend Annie to turn her into his demon bride, Cyn will do everything she can to save her friend and her school.
Luckily, this includes getting involved with her long-time serious crush, Ryan, who Cyn swoons over at every possible opportunity. Cyn and Ryan are major parts of the school's theater program, and the upcoming production of Sweeney Todd also plays a big part in the book's plot. Cyn and Ryan do everything in their power to stop the demon before he can suck the life out of all their classmates, while still trying to pass tests, navigate their new friendship, and make sure that the show does go on.
Highly recommended for teens involved in musical theater, or those who like comedic paranormal stories.

Grades: 9-12
Characterization: Good
Literary Merit: Good
Recommended: Yes, optional purchase for school & public libraries.