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Sleeper - Eric Walters DJ spends his holiday overseas in England, trying to track down the truth about his grandfather's involvement with MI6, the British secret service organization. With the help of an attractive and clever girl named Charlie, DJ drives fast cars, runs from Russian spies, accidentally kidnaps an important British official, and ends up finding out a lot more than he expected about his family's past. Part of the SEVEN SEQUELS series, SLEEPER is a fast-paced novel for reluctant readers.

I can only recommend the SEVEN SEQUELS series for very special cases of reluctant readers. While the content would appeal to older readers, in high school or even college-age, the writing is too full of complex vocabulary and context-specific jargon to work in this context. Another issue is that despite it being a series, the exposition regarding the main character's family and history are rehashed in every single book - this was boring to me, and I fully expect it to be a boring turn-off for readers. However, if that hadn't been the case, and the exposition had been left out, the reader wouldn't have been able to just pick up one of the sequels and ""read one, read them all, you choose the order"" like is advertised everywhere in the book - because they would have been missing key plot points and character relationships. It's unfortunate, because I can see this series filling a gap in interesting series for reluctant readers.

Grades: 6 - adult
Literary Merit: Low
Characterization: Poor
Recommended: No