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The Sowing

The Sowing - Steven dos Santos Lucian ""Lucky"" Spark has made it through the brutal Trials and almost completed training to become an Imposer for the Establishment, all while secretly fighting back as a rebel called The Torch Keeper.

Lucky is still recovering from the loss of his boyfriend Digory Tycho, and the kidnapping of his little brother Cole by the Establishment's Prefect, and Lucky's sworn enemy, Cassius Thorn. Cassius will stop at nothing to either destroy Lucky or turn the rebel to his side, including making him an Incentive in the next round of Trials. Lucky must navigate tricky political alliances, rescue his brother, and try to stay alive while fighting a cruel Establishment that isn't everything it seems.

The Sowing continues the action-packed, sci-fi adventure that began with the first book of The Torch Keeper series. This fast-paced and violent story has a first-person-shooter style point of view, making it perfect for video game fans, especially boys. While the plot may be strikingly similar to The Hunger Games, the characters, in particular, are unique enough to make it a very enjoyable read.

I would recommend The Torch Keeper series as a required purchase for libraries, particularly those looking for books for reluctant readers, boys who play video games, and fans of The Hunger Games.

*Review first published in School Library Journal.